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The Future of the Electric Car: A Systems Change Perspective

Innovating scientists and economic policy makers committed to maximizing profit margins promise that we can stop global warming with great inventions coupled with a free market to sell them. The electric vehicle (EV) is one such great invention. But is it really that simple?

Buen Vivir: A Concept on the Rise in Europe?

The concept of buen vivir has gained visibility in Latin America in recent years. Rooted in indigenous worldviews, buen vivir rests on an understanding of humanity’s relationship with nature that is fundamentally at odds with the anthropocentrism of modernity. Gustavo Hernández and Henkjan Laats trace the concept’s rising trajectory and its influence and echos in Europe.

Watershed: Ancient Paths for Planetary Survival and Resilience

Watersheds cover every ecological niche on the planet. When human societies live in harmony with the watershed, we flourish; when they are ignored, we perish. Deep down, we are all “People of the Watershed”. How can we achieve systems change by returning to this ancient legacy?

Interview with author, Natasha Chassagne, PhD

Natasha Chassagne, PhD, is a writer and researcher whose work focuses on how to implement the principles of Buen Vivir, an indigenous Latin American way of living with the Earth, to the wider world.

Doughnut Economics: from a radical idea to transformative action

For those new to Doughnut Economics, the central model is the Doughnut, which brings together both social and ecological thinking into one core concept, that of meeting the needs of all people, within the means of the living planet. By Rob Shorter and Carlota Sanz.

A Reset for Unprecedented Times

Buen Vivir is both a philosophy and a lived practice that puts Earth at the center of “the Good Life.” It embodies the cultural shift necessary to move towards systemic change in how we interact with the natural world.