Arts for Systems Change

Creative Inspiration for Global Transformation

For centuries, writers, artists and musicians have been visionaries, supporting human societies to question, shift and evolve in the changing tides of our social and political histories.

Today, we continue to use our creative and intuitive capacity to imagine the changes we want to see in our personal lives and the world around us.

With Arts for Systems Change, you can be part of a collective collaboration in visioning the systemic changes we want to bring for the Earth and her inhabitants.

You don’t need to be an established artist or writer. You may be a youth or an elder. Whatever your background, we invite you to participate in this co-creation, inspired by the core principles of the Systems Change Alliance.

Join our Community Forum to share your artwork, music, writing, short films etc. and to talk to other creators, activists and thinkers from around the world.

We will feature your most engaging and inspiring creations on the Arts blog.

In the meantime, stay tuned in for the latest word on the Arts challenges and collaborations that we will be hosting throughout the year.

For more information or to collaborate with us on a creative project, contact [email protected]

If you represent an Arts organisation or are a practising artist who shares our values, find out how to become a member.


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