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Corporate Prosperity Raises Concerns: Calls for Fair Taxation and Equity

By SCA Staff Writers The booming performance of large corporations in the United States, evidenced by the rise in the S&P 500 and a surge …


EU’s Nature Restoration Law Faces Setback Amidst Farmer Protests

Environmental ministers in the European Union issued warnings about the bloc’s credibility in addressing global biodiversity and climate crises following the decision to shelve the …



By CHARLIE AMÁYÁ SCOTT Sharing our Stories online enables us to define who we were, who we are, and who we will be as Indigenous …

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Local Futures reports from the World Social Forum, Nepal 2024

Compiled by SCA Staff Writers  Alex Jensen of Local Futures, a Systems Change Alliance (SCA) member organization, reports that the World Social Forum Nepal 2024 …


Climate Change and Energy Transition: The 2023 Scorecard

By Richard Heinberg and David Hughes The numbers are in. Last year was the hottest on record by a wide margin. The planet is now 1.48 degrees …


Scientists Warn of Potential Collapse of Crucial Ocean Current System

Compiled by SCA Staff Writers  A recent study published in the journal Science Advances has raised alarm bells about the potential collapse of the Atlantic …


Factory Farming Expansion Sparks Concerns Over Public Health, the Environment, and Local Agriculture

Compiled by SCA Staff Writers  Amidst the release of alarming federal data on the rise of factory farming in the United States, critics are sounding …


What Energy Paradigm Might Underpin Degrowth and Steady State Economies?

by Nick King ‘Degrowth’ and the ‘Steady State Economy’ describe a grouping of related concepts and ideas which are critical of economic growth being a …


How “Weeds” Can Seed Ecosystems of Interspecies Activity

In the article The Future is Feral—And Climate Resilient in Yes! Magazine, Irene Lyla Lee suggests that it is time to change our attitude towards …


Building a regenerative future

Why the potential of people, and the places that communities inhabit, is the key to addressing the climate crisis Our times call for “stubborn optimism”, …


Ecological Economists Are Rethinking Endless Growth and Prosperity

Compiled by SCA Staff Writers  The critique against continuous economic growth, a perspective gaining traction due to increasing environmental concerns, notably the climate crisis, is …


Leading Media Companies Accused of Greenwashing for Fossil Fuel Industry

Compiled by SCA Staff Writers  In a startling revelation, a joint investigation by The Intercept, The Nation, Drilled, and DeSmog has exposed seven major global …

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‘Frightening’: Greenland Losing 33 Million Tons of Ice Per Hour Due to Climate Crisis

A new study finds the island’s ice sheet is retreating 20% more than previously thought. Article by Julya Conley New research on the rate at …

Corporación Mondragón en el País Vasco

Cooperative Economics: Promises and Challenges

The contemporary corporation is primarily driven by the pursuit of short-term profits for its shareholders. In contrast, cooperative companies tend to adopt a more holistic …

Economic Inequality: What Can We Do About It?

   According to the Gini Index, in every major region of the world outside of Europe, extreme wealth is becoming concentrated in just a handful …

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