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Building a New Vision for Planet Earth

About Systems Change Alliance

What is Systems Change?

Systems change is the emergence of a new pattern of organization or systems structure. (Birney, 2015) It is both a process and an outcome.

We are facing unprecedented economic, social, and environmental crises, and current reforms offer ineffective solutions.

Naomi Klein has called for a movement of change that “connects the dots” to address the root causes of all current crises facing people and planet.

Systems Change Alliance connects the dots between individuals, groups and organizations working in different fields to collaborate, educate, advocate and implement positive systemic change.

The three big dots? Environment, Society & Economy.

Vision Statement

To work toward an integrated social system based on shared political and cultural values, economic democracy, decentralization and sustainability.

Mission Statement

To advocate for just political, ecological and economic reforms, through organizing movements, workshops and conferences; publishing articles and newsletters; conducting research and developing policy proposals.

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