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At Systems Change Aliiance, we recognise that real progress comes through cooperation and collaboration. That’s why our primary goal is to build an integrated movement by bringing together groups and individuals working towards positive social, economic and ecological change.

We are proud to count some of the most forward-thinking organisations and groups among our growing membership.

We also invite individuals to contribute to our community and activities.

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ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability, recognises the unprecedented ecological, social, economic and political threats to dignified life on planet earth. These threats have been provoked by centuries of ongoing extractive and exploitative institutional systems and practices, a structural dependence on unconstrained economic growth, and the unfettered spread of unsustainable lifestyles.

At the same time, ECOLISE sees hope in the rich seam of solutions that are being continuously developed by community-led initiatives across Europe and the world, including those that encompass inner growth, inclusive approaches to collaboration and to the governance of commons and stewardship of ecosystems. Furthermore ECOLISE is inspired and motivated by the growing interest in these life-affirming approaches.

In this context ECOLISE’s purpose is to engage in, support and facilitate accelerated learning and collaboration among community-led initiatives, their networks and partners in order to catalyse systemic transformation within and across society.

The work of ECOLISE is inspired by the vision of a compassionate, equitable and regenerative society of empowered and resilient communities that thrive on diversity and inclusion and live within planetary boundaries.


European Network for
Community-led Initiatives on
Climate Change and Sustainability

EDA was founded to promote the sustainable development and management of vital resources to meet the basic human needs of current and future generations through economic democracy. 

Adoption of these principles will ensure that all humans of current and future generations will have their basic needs met. 

Research, education and advocacy are our main tools for ensuring sustainable resource management and that is vital to all living things on Earth.