Local Futures has been working for more than four decades to renew ecological, social, and spiritual well-being by promoting a shift in direction – away from dependence on global monopolies, and towards decentralized local and regional economies.

We produce books, films, and other ‘education for action’ tools, and organize activist-oriented conferences and workshops worldwide, including World Localization Day. Our award-winning film The Economics of Happiness, released in 2011, highlights the importance of localization to repair our fractured world – our ecosystems, our societies and our selves. We also host numerous Economics of Happiness conferences around the world, which aim to kick-start broad critical debate about the global corporate economy, while exploring alternatives that benefit society as well as the environment.

Our events and resources promote a holistic ‘big picture’ view of what it will take to heal the damage caused by the corporate-run economy, and to build structures that foster human and ecological wellbeing. These programs are helping to catalyze a global movement for systemic change. Thanks in part to our work, recognition of the importance of local economies is at an all-time high.

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