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Five Young Systems Changemakers to Inspire You for the New Year

With 2020 now behind us and the new year fresh in our hands, it is time to put into practice our New Year’s resolutions. If one of them is to help make the world a better place but you are not sure how, do not despair, there are many heartening examples out there to take inspiration from.

Interview with Luke Wallace, Folk Musician

Join us for a live chat with young Canadian folk musician, Luke Wallace, about his life and work and the social topics that are stirring up his creativity in 2021.

Interview with Chloe Smith, Rising Appalachia

Roshnii Rose will be talking with Chloe Smith, lead singer of Rising Appalachia, about her life as a musician; the meeting points between her creative and social change work; and the role of artists and musicians in communities and societies.

Trump: The Beginning or The End?

First published in 2017, this article explores the significance of Trump’s election through the macrohistoric lens of the great thinkers of history. On the eve of a new election, it remains as relevant as ever.