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Roar Bjonnes

Roar Bjonnes

Research Director and Editorial Lead

Roar Bjonnes is the co-founder of Systems Change Alliance, a long-time environmental activist and a writer on ecology and alternative economics, which he terms eco-economics. He was the editor of the American Common Future magazine in the mid-90s, a magazine which featured some of the first articles taking a critical look at the so-called sustainable development model. He is the co-author of the book Growing a New Economy, which outlines the macro-economic framework for an eco-economy and which world-renowned environmentalist Bill McKibben calls “a hopeful account of the possibilities contained in our current crisis.”

Tiago Freitas

Tiago Freitas

Digital Lead, Portugal Lead

Tiago is passionate passionate about ways to improve the way we live and grow together, from meditation to socio-economic systems change and AI.

He has worked in business and IT consulting in the for-profit and non-profit sectors and is currently a startup founder.

Angélica Azevedo

Lead Researcher and Communications Manager

Angélica Azevedo is a sustainability and systems change consultant, with a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from FCT NOVA University of Lisbon. Her professional background includes Corporate Sustainability at several listed companies, Systems Innovation project and programme management at EIT Climate-KIC and Sustainable Finance Markets at BNP Paribas.

Angélica is a public speaker and opinion article writer for ESG topics, regularly published in Expresso and Público newspapers.  She divides her time between co-hosting a female empowerment Podcast Fura Vidas, screen acting, sustainability consulting and facilitating difficult conversations centered around systems change.

Liila Hass

Managing Director and Events Lead

Liila Hass is a co-founder of the Systems Change Alliance, a Climate Change presenter with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, a collaborator for systems change initiatives and an advocate for social and environmental justice. She has presented on topics ranging from water policy and conservation, the art and science of social change and the neuroscience of collaboration. She is a recipient of the 2012 Sensis Award, “Australians Creating a Better Future” and Melbourne University’s Jan Lee Martin Fellowship, Futures Thinking and Strategy Development.

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