Steady State Manchester primarily promotes an alternative approach to economic development in the city of Manchester and region of Greater Manchester. We also contribute to wider debates, nationally and internationally on these themes. The emphasis is on all living well and within planetary limits. We encourage organisations to actively pursue the ‘Viable Economy’ for a safe and good future for us all. A Viable Economy (and society) will involve:

Re-localising food and other production in and near to the city, providing decent green jobs and more income equality.
More security for us all because the environment is protected from further destruction.
More secure access to goods especially food: we will be more resilient should there be climatic (e.g. floods) or financial shocks.
More money staying local and more control over savings and investment.
The city’s wealth being used for needed developments, for example energy efficient, affordable housing and invested in other local, green and ethical enterprises
Balance. Some sectors must grow, (e.g. renewable energy) and some must shrink (e.g. fossil fuels, aviation, private motoring, arms manufacture).
The focus is on the things we want the economy to deliver, rather than growth for growth’s sake (GDP or GVA measures).
Less unnecessary consumption and a new (or recovered) culture of solidarity and participation.
Less exploitation of the majority world while keeping open channels for communication and learning globally.

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