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Building a regenerative future

Why the potential of people, and the places that communities inhabit, is the key to addressing the climate crisis Our times call for “stubborn optimism”,

Nine Ways to Create a Local, Regenerative Economy

We need to address the failures of capitalism and its ineffective reforms head-on by creating decentralized and cooperative local economies, emphasizing local production with local resources, to meet local needs, and to build local wealth.

Pandemic Response Requires Post-Growth Economic Thinking

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a sea change in priorities, which requires entirely different thinking and policies—ones much more closely aligned with heterodox post-growth thinking than with pro-growth economic orthodoxy.

What Comes After the Crash? The Sequel

Inspired by the life and work of David Fleming, economist, ecologist, green political campaigner, visionary and writer. The Sequel is a one-hour documentary made following the publication of Fleming’s great work, Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It.

Doughnut Economics: from a radical idea to transformative action

For those new to Doughnut Economics, the central model is the Doughnut, which brings together both social and ecological thinking into one core concept, that of meeting the needs of all people, within the means of the living planet. By Rob Shorter and Carlota Sanz.

Beyond Covid-19: Creating a New Planetary Narrative

Beyond Covid-19: Creating a New Planetary Narrative

Will the world after Covid-19 be followed by light-speed economic growth back to where we started? Or will we create a better world where wild animal markets and meat is out and vegan sandwiches are in, where poverty is no more, and a Real Green New Deal is more than just a dream?