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Consumption: The Cause and the Solution to Environmental Destruction

Between 60-80 per cent of the impacts on the planet come from household consumption. If we change our consumption habits, this will have a drastic effect on our environmental footprint as well. But is it realistic to expect that individual lifestyle changes alone will have the needed impact on reducing CO2 emissions?

The Future of the Electric Car: A Systems Change Perspective

Innovating scientists and economic policy makers committed to maximizing profit margins promise that we can stop global warming with great inventions coupled with a free market to sell them. The electric vehicle (EV) is one such great invention. But is it really that simple?

Economic Degrowth: The Solution to Climate Breakdown

Certainly, global warming will negatively effect certain resources and thus reduce economic growth—but, ironically, few economists will admit that degrowth may be the only solution to solve climate change.

Growth or Degrowth?

There is no single answer to the growth/degrowth debate, a balance between distinct strategies for different situations might be the key.