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Interview with Luke Wallace, Folk Musician

Join us for a live chat with young Canadian folk musician, Luke Wallace, about his life and work and the social topics that are stirring up his creativity in 2021.

Interview with Sarah Lazarovic

We will be talking with award-winning visual journalist, Sarah Lasarovic, about how she addresses big topics like climate change through her visual work and the potential of this engaging medium.

Beyond Climate Change: A New Vision of Resource Utilization

The urgency of climate change is being used by corporations and governments to push a new type of “green disaster capitalism,” which does very little for the climate and sets the framework to privatize the natural world. We need to denounce this course of action and develop alternative ways of doing business.

Beyond Covid-19: Creating a New Planetary Narrative

Beyond Covid-19: Creating a New Planetary Narrative

Will the world after Covid-19 be followed by light-speed economic growth back to where we started? Or will we create a better world where wild animal markets and meat is out and vegan sandwiches are in, where poverty is no more, and a Real Green New Deal is more than just a dream?