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Corporate Giants to Soak Up Global Water Supply?

The increasing privitazation of natural resources threatens to diminish the commons. The corporate merger of Veolia and Suez is currently endangering public control of precious water resources.

Reclaiming Our Common Home

The path to an ecological civilization is paved by reclaiming the commons—our common home, the Earth, and the commons of the Earth family, of which we are a part. Through reclaiming the commons, we can imagine possibility for our common future, and we can sow the seeds of abundance through “commoning.”

Beyond Climate Change: A New Vision of Resource Utilization

The urgency of climate change is being used by corporations and governments to push a new type of “green disaster capitalism,” which does very little for the climate and sets the framework to privatize the natural world. We need to denounce this course of action and develop alternative ways of doing business.