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Share your Vision of a Better World
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  • With a background in languages and alternative education, Roshnii is a writer, creative, mother and mentor, who left the city to live off-grid, closer to the land.

Last week, we launched our 2020 Flash Fiction Challenge: Visioning a Better World Beyond the Pandemic.

We invite you craft a story that plunges us into a post-pandemic reality where a new paradigm is established or unfolding, inspired by the values of Systems Change Alliance such as, economic democracy, ecological sustainability, resilient communities, equality and universal values of love and respect.

The challenge is open to participants from anywhere in the world. Entries need to be in English and between 1000-1250 words long. The closing date is 1st November 2020 and winners will be announced on the 1st December.

See the Challenge page for full details.

Flash Fiction is a challenging but fun medium that requires you to quickly build a scenario, character presence and denouement without wasting precious words.

Got some revolutionary ideas bubbling? Get writing – we can’t wait to read your work.

Standing at a Crossroads

The Covid pandemic has had a massive social, economic and environmental impact for better and for worse.
Mutual aid groups have exemplified what is possible when individuals and communities reach out to support one another. At the same time, the virus has highlighted the injustice of socio-economic inequality by the high mortality rates within marginalised communities.
Unemployment numbers are sky-rocketing and small businesses are going under, while Amazon’s profits are rolling into Jeff Bezos’ pockets like never before.

Lockdown restrictions to air and land travel lowered pollution levels. However, the pandemic also provided a distraction from illegal deforestation and poaching operations and emphasised the lack of sustainability of the long supply chains of the global food market.

There is huge potential at this pivotal moment in our history to make a shift in the way we interact with each other and our planet.

Yet, with everything that is at stake, it would be very easy for us to move into an era of unrest and surveillance, glossed over with the reassuring polish of ‘Green’ Corporate Capitalism.

Faced with this crossroads—a choice as to which direction we want to move forwards as a society—we have the power of collective consciousness to shape our future together.

Thinking outside the box

That’s where the artists and writers come in. We need to think creatively if we are to move into a new era of post-capitalist economy and achieve anything close to true sustainability.

We need to stay solution-focused. It is all too easy, in the throes of this year’s rollercoaster, to get derailed by the fear of worst-case scenarios and paralysed into not acting, not speaking up, not following our hearts.

When our creative energy is channelised into a positive focus, we have the potential to be great visionaries for our communities and to use the medium of arts and, in this case, the written word, to give others – even our world leaders—a glimpse into what it possible and to lift the collective spirit.

What do those solutions look like to you? What would it mean to have vibrant bioregional economies; inspiring, ethical leadership; humans living in respectful exchange with the Earth?
Paint a picture with your words. We want to journey there with you.

Every story is visible

We are running this challenge in an unconventional way. Usually, when writers submit their work to a contest, nobody but the judges gets to read the pieces, which the participants have earnestly put love, time and energy into crafting.

We have decided to have all submissions posted to the submission thread of our Community Forum. In this way, your story will be visible to the other people taking part in the challenge and any interested readers from the public.

By joining the forum, you also have the possibility to get to know other artists and writers inspired by systems change; to participate in future Arts events; and to keep the conversation flowing after this challenge closes.

The top three stories will be published on our website and shared through our social media channels.

Find us on other platforms

We are looking forward to reading your stories.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing updates on this event through our Twitter and Facebook channels.

You can already find the challenge listed on Almond Press, Inkitt and ChristopherFielden, with other listings coming soon.

If you know of a popular site where we could add the event or have any other questions about taking part, give us a shout at [email protected]

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Photos by Ed van duijn and davisco


  • With a background in languages and alternative education, Roshnii is a writer, creative, mother and mentor, who left the city to live off-grid, closer to the land.

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