Byron Joel is an internationally recognized author, media presenter and leader in the field of Ecological-Agriculture. For over 15 years he has worked, consulted, designed and taught across four continents. He has over 1000 hours teaching/presenting on regenerative agriculture in Australia, the USA, Africa and New Zealand. He is the author of numerous articles and has been interviewed as a guest on the world’s leading forums including the Sustainable Masterclass Series, Regrarians Talk, Sustainable World Radio, The Permaculture Podcast, The Survival Podcast and more. He also hosts in own podcast, The Octarine Tree, which focuses on the meaningful connection between humanity, ecology and spirit. When not travelling the world like a real Agricultural Indiana Jones, Byron acts as managing consultant for Oak Tree Designs, focusing on the Mediterranean regions of his home nation, Australia, where he advocates for a greater recognition, honoring and implementation of Indigenous Australian land stewarding practices.


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