This video is an excerpt from Matt Oppenheim’s talk at the Systems Change through Local Economies conference, which focused on how people around the world are manifesting systems change by creating local economies.

Matt Oppenheim is a Fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology and the author of journal articles, book chapters and magazine articles on educational innovation, diversity, watersheds and ecological communities. He has an MA in Applied Anthropology and a PhD in Transformative Learning and Change. He is a transformative anthropologist, having assisted transformative community processes with the Maya of Guatemala, in public education and with many nonprofits, and has taught anthropology at several universities. His passion for watershed research and action began in 1991, first researching the Murray Darling Watershed of Australia and then becoming a watershed educator in California. He was the founder of an ecological primary school in Australia and is the author of “To Color a Warrior;” an ecological adventure novel. Currently he is the director of “The Blue Ridge Watershed Institute,” an emerging watershed based educational project in the Upper French Broad Watershed in Western North Carolina.

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