Phil Clothier describes himself as a BVC team member, Dad, Litter picker,  UN Global Goals Activist and huge fan of DCI.org

Phil lives live in the UK and is a team member (and former CEO) of Barrett Values Centre (BVC), an international organisation currently working through a consulting network in over 100 countries. He works with leaders to bring about values based, ethical and sustainable transformation.

Prior to BVC he had careers in social housing and information technology.

Phil has worked with corporations, governments and NGOs around the world and been an advisor on National Values Assessments in over 25 countries. In Latvia, Sweden and Iceland the results of the values assessments have been instrumental in reorienting public policies.

His main focus now is inspiring and supporting leadership development and cultural transformation in service of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He believes that the main purpose of business (and all organisations) is to do no harm, alleviate suffering and facilitate healing and thriving. He believes the UN SDGs are the best chance we have to come together to create well-being and peace for all and to live in harmony with nature.

His core values are Compassion, Trust, Humour/Fun & Love. He also knows that his personal job is very simply to focus on inner peace. (Easier said than done!)

We will be asking Phil about the importance of values in ethical leadership and organizing, how values create culture and the Barrett Model.

Join us live on Facebook or YouTube or catch the recorded version on our films page.

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