Kayt Pearl’s musical performance during the Systems Change through Local Economies conference, which focused on how people around the world are manifesting systems change by creating local economies.

With a performance style rooted in soul, cultural ecology, and personal growth, Kayt brings an authentic presence to her artistry. Through lyrics, she invites listeners to engage on a deeper level with their own personal as well as universal evolution. Spending many years as a teaching artist and slam poetry coach to young adults, Kayt highlights the value of the creative process as an important social-emotional learning tool for all ages. She is co-founder of the #Insecurities Performance Project, and former Creative Director at LARC -Literary Arts for Rural Communities, a 501c3 based in Sedona, AZ.
You can find Kayt’s diverse musical collaborations on all streaming platforms, and her independent albums Deep Dialogue and The MoveMeant and other singles are for sale on Bandcamp.

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