This video is an excerpt from Isabel Carlisle’s talk at the Systems Change through Local Economies conference, which focused on how people around the world are manifesting systems change by creating local economies.

Isabel is a communicator, educator and large-scale project organiser. Her experience in the London art world led her to set up and direct the Festival of Muslim Cultures that took place across Britain throughout 2006. Over 120 events in almost every conceivable art form brought audiences into contact with the Muslim world in order to build bridges of understanding between cultures. Isabel moved to South Devon in 2010 and created and led learning programmes for children and young adults with Transition Network. Since 2012 she has trained in Regenerative Development and Design with Regenesis. She co-founded the Bioregional Learning Centre (BLC) in 2017 In order to build collaborations to shift South Devon towards long-term climate resilience. BLC works in and at the intersection of economy, ecology, learning, arts and culture and the gaps in between. The team is currently leading the collective that is making a Doughnut for Devon.

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