How do different people learn? Are our current education systems anywhere close to being nourishing learning environments? What is missing and what are the alternatives? Join us for a live panel discussion with Stephanie Nestlerode, Vanessa Aires and Sheryl Morris on the topic of holistic education and its role in systems change.
With a MSc in Developmental Psychology, Vanessa Aires developed her professional career in the social and community areas. As a regenerative entrepreneur, her focus lays on impacting communities through her participation in projects with a positive social impact.
She is the main dreamer and co-founder of KETI KETA ‘s regenerative and community project, which is focused on the (re) connection of children, small and grownup, with (their) Nature. In the past, she worked as a Community Psychologist in Italy, Nepal and Portugal, from Lisbon to the island of Madeira. Her journey focuses on establishing strong and structured networks of partners, in the most varied areas of intervention, from childhood to art, through adulthood and minorities or marginalized populations, as the community of homeless people.
Stephanie Nestlerode is a social worker by training and a strategic planner by trade. In her words, “The future we create is the legacy we leave the world’s children.“ She has over 40 years of experience coaching community coalitions and organizations through change. Her specialty is providing learning opportunities that inspire, guide, and cultivate skills. She helps people learn how to generate the energy, ownership, and structure required for strategic thinking and successful implementation – creating efficient and effective systems for serving the common good. As Chief Synthesizer for 7th Generation Labs, she is joining with kindred spirits to create a treasure trove of ways to learn what matters.
With Systems Thinking informing her work, Sheryl Morris follows holistic education as a whole and helps to highlight various pedagogies online, connecting ideas and people. She is living Self-Directed Learning. If she may, she would like to hold space for POC representatives of holistic education. Critical voices have been missing.
In this panel discussion, we will talk about different approaches to holistic education, the challenges it faces and its role in systems change.
You can watch live on Facebook and YouTube or catch the recording in our films archive.

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