Priscella Kinney (She/Her/Hers) (Paiute/Shoshone/Chicana) is originally from the Owens Valley in California, she carries her passion for plants and herbal medicines to Humboldt State University (HSU) where it culminated into a Bachelors of Science in Rangeland Resource Science with a Minor in Native American Studies. Early work led to the civic sector for the local non-profit United Indian Health Services (UIHS); a local Tribal Health Care System in Northern California. Working under the “Food is Good Medicine” Program; a culturally-centered nutritional education program consisting of educational materials on local Indigenous foods aimed to be used by UIHS clients. Priscella’s efforts continued by growing organic and affordable food for the local Indigenous communities, WIC (Women, Infant & Children) participants, low-income, Elders & Diabetes Programs within the onsite 1.5 acre organic garden in Arcata, CA. Priscella’s hands-on work in decentralized food sovereignty and capacity building has made lasting regenerative pathways at HSU and UIHS.

Priscella also has worked with regional environmental organizations such as Mid Klamath Watershed Council (MKWC), Cultural Fire Management Council (CFMC) and the Nature Conservancy to increase food security and food sovereignty within the Mid to Lower Klamath Foodshed. In 2014, she had the honor and blessing to train in a TREX (Prescribed Fire Training Exchange), earning a certificate in Wildland Fire-fighting and lit prescribed fires in Weych-pues, Yurok Indian Reservation (YIR). Transitioning into local systems change, Priscella began working as a community organizer with the True North Organizing Network working in Eastern Humboldt County. Priscella worked hard to identify leaders and created local actions. Here she worked within the Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District to increase base funding for the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), coordinate youth based media projects and help build community momentum for workforce development strategies in the Eastern Humboldt and adjacent Tribal communities.

Priscella brings a diverse and unique set of skills in our rural setting along the Lower Klamath River, with intentions of creating, healing and being. She currently lives in the village of Weych-pues with her husband and four children.


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