This video is an excerpt from André Vashist’s talk at the Systems Change through Local Economies conference, which focused on how people around the world are manifesting systems change by creating local economies.

André Pawan Vashist is a Senior Fellow in Community Economics, Wealth and Wellbeing with Think Upstream in Canada. Through this role, he is weaving people, organizations and regions to embrace a more inclusive and regenerative economies across Southwestern Ontario. As a leader in impact investing, local community economic development, multi-stakeholder collaboration and social innovation, André is working towards a future that is just and equitable for people and planet. This has included supporting the development of initiatives like VERGE Capital, Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network, Carolinian Canada Conservation Impact Bond and Inclusive Economies Network. Beyond that, André is a family member and ecospiritualist who blends these love affairs towards a journey of wholeness.

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