Rewilding and Permafrost Conservation with Paul Streifeneder

Systems Change Deep Dives
Systems Change Deep Dives
Rewilding and Permafrost Conservation with Paul Streifeneder

In the fifth episode of the A Systems Change Deep Dive podcast, we explore rewilding and permafrost conservation with Paul Streifeneder, Project Manager at the Pleistocene & Permafrost Foundation.

Paul Streifeneder works as a project manager for the Pleistocene & Permafrost Foundation for almost 1.5 years now. His main responsibilities are marketing strategy, fundraising strategy and managing the certification process. Besides his work at the foundation, he is also studying Business Administration at the University for Applied Science in Munich. He got interested in this field of work through an elective class at university, where the conversations revolved around different problems concerning planetary boundaries, growth in capitalism, and the connection to the climate crisis. He realized that there is a huge potential for a change and sees it as a challenge to tackle in the future.

Pleistocene & Permafrost Foundation: https://pleistocenepark.de/en/
Pleistocene Park Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pleistocene_permafrost_ngo/?hl=de
Pleistocene Park Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pleistoceneundpermafroststiftung/
Pleistocene Park Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pleistocene_NGO

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