2020 Flash Fiction Winners

Announcing the winners of this year’s Flash Fiction Challenge, Visioning a Better World Beyond the Pandemic with feedback on the winning story from our guest judge, Thomas Rain Crowe.

A Reset for  Unprecedented Times

Buen Vivir is both a philosophy and a lived practice that puts Earth at the center of “the Good Life.” It embodies the cultural shift necessary to move towards systemic change in how we interact with the natural world.

Six Questions About Whole Systems Thinking

Whole-systems thinking invites us to see the whole as more than the simple sum of its parts, to face complex issues from multiple perspectives, to suspend our judgement by questioning our own assumptions, and to honour insights from different disciplines and different ways of knowing.

The Failures of Modern Economic Theories

Why have modern economic theories been so out of touch with the real world? The answer lies in their basic assumptions about human nature—that we humans mainly exist to produce and consume. This article explains the history of this economic vision and why it has failed.

From Sustainability to Systems Change

As the narrative around sustainability has become mainstream there is increasing understanding that the sustainability story is just one step on the road to embracing the ideas and need for systems change.

It’s Time to Pay our Debts to Nature

Keeping nature separate from the economy and the financial system has caused humanity to accumulate a large ecological debt. It is time for us to pay up.

We can’t have billionaires and stop climate change

Ecological breakdown isn’t being caused by everyone equally. The richest 1% emit 100 times more than the poorest half of humanity. If we are going to survive the 21st century, we need to distribute income and wealth more fairly.

The Elephant in the Systems Change Room

Achieving effective systems change requires action at many levels, but we are currently mostly scratching the surface. How can we aim to achieve complete systems change?